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Gaia Desktop Manager
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For Windows® Vista/7/8/10

Version: 1.00 beta 7

Free desktop manager for Windows

Gaia Desktop Manager is a free desktop management software for Windows. It has a wallpaper manager/changer and screensaver manager/changer. The wallpaper management software offers intelligent desktop management, cool wallpaper effects and theme lists. The screensaver management software allows to run many screensavers. These two programs are integrated in one software to ease the management of your desktop.

For more information concerning the functionality related to the wallpapers, visit the wallpaper manager section.

For more information concerning the functionality related to the screensavers, visit the screensaver manager section.

Wallpaper manager

The wallpaper manager allows you to manage your personal images as wallpapers on your computer. You can change your desktop wallpaper at regular intervals automatically.

With the theme lists, you can build wallpaper lists by category and switch your current list whenever you want.

Wallpaper manager

Wallpaper effects

To create more diversity on your desktop, you can add wallpaper effects to your current wallpaper.

Wallpaper effects

Wallpaper calendar

Our wallpaper manager allows to show a calendar of the current month on your desktop wallpaper. The calendar is positioned wherever you want and with the size you want. It will not be hidden by the icons.

Wallpaper calendar

Dual-monitor support

With the dual-monitor support, you will be able to display wide wallpapers made for dual-monitor configurations. The intelligent support will use your main monitor for displaying the image and the second monitor if the image is too wide to fit the first monitor. You can even repeat the image on the two monitors if you want.


Screensaver manager

The screensaver manager allows you to manage all the available screensavers on your computer. You can launch the screensavers randomly or in sequences. You can also decide which screensaver to launch and deactivate the other one.

With the theme lists, you can build screensaver lists by category and switch your current list whenever you want.

Screensaver manager

Beta version to replace the old applications

Gaia Desktop Manager is still in development. This desktop manager replaces our old applications: Gaia Wallpaper Desktop and Free Screensaver Manager. Most of the features included in our old applications are included in our new application. Even though the application is in beta version, it is stable enough to replace the old ones. Other features will be included before the final release.

Download Gaia Desktop Manager

Read the download instructions for more information.

Minimum system requirements

OS: Windows® 10
Windows® 8
Windows® 7
Windows® Vista
Processor: Intel® Pentium® II/equivalent
RAM Memory: 512 MB
Hard drive: 20 MB