Free Wallpaper Manager and Changer

This free wallpaper manager or free wallpaper changer is integrated with our free desktop manager software Gaia Desktop Manager™. It also integrates a free screensaver manager and changer. This manager allows you to manage all your wallpapers in one place. It allows you to manage your personal images as wallpapers on your computer. You can change your desktop wallpaper at regular intervals automatically.

Features and benefits:
  • Use theme lists with the wallpaper manager.
  • Wallpaper update schedule.
  • Wallpaper layout.
  • Wallpaper effects.
  • Wallpaper calendar.
  • Wallpaper information.
  • Dual-monitor support.
  • Free!


For Windows® Vista/7/8/10

Version: 1.00 beta 8

Use theme lists with the wallpaper manager

With the theme lists, you can build wallpaper lists by category and switch your current list whenever you want. These lists allow you to manage your wallpapers more easily. If you have many wallpapers that can be grouped into similar subjects, the theme lists are a good way to show only the wallpapers from a specific category. You can switch from one list to another whenever you want without losing the information in the previous list.

Wallpaper manager theme lists

Wallpaper update schedule

The manager offers three options to update your desktop wallpaper. If you do not want the application to update it automatically, you can choose "never update". You can update it every X minutes and X seconds. For example, every 1 minute and 20 seconds. You can update it as fast as every five seconds. It is also possible to update it only once a day at a specific time.

In addition, you can prevent the desktop wallpaper from being updated when the screensaver is shown.

Wallpaper schedule

Wallpaper layout

Gaia Desktop Manager offers many ways to show your desktop wallpaper. It offers the classic way to cycle every wallpaper one after the other at different intervals. In addition, you can create a collage with all your images. You will get many images on your desktop in a collage style.

There is also a layout option for multi-monitor configurations. For dual-monitor configurations, your wallpaper can be repeated on both monitors or extended across all monitors. For multi-monitor configurations, the application will position your wallpaper using your main monitor for a better display.

The position of your wallpaper can fill your monitor in many ways. The wallpaper can be stretched smartly or just to fill the entire monitor. It can be tiled in identical ways or tiled with flipped patterns. It can also simply be centered.

Wallpaper collage

Wallpaper effects

To create more diversity on your desktop, you can add wallpaper effects to your current wallpaper. There are 13 effects that you can mix together to create combined effects.

Wallpaper effects

Wallpaper calendar

Our wallpaper manager allows to show a calendar of the current month on your desktop wallpaper. The calendar is positioned wherever you want and with the size you want. It will not be hidden by the icons.

Wallpaper calendar

Wallpaper information

If an image is worth a thousand words, it does not say everything about the subject. Many images have the description written in the file name or the folder where they are stored. That is why you can choose to display information about the file name or folder directly onto the desktop wallpaper.

Wallpaper information

Dual-monitor support

With the dual-monitor support, you will be able to display wide wallpapers made for dual-monitor configurations. The intelligent support will use your main monitor for displaying the image and the second monitor if the image is too wide to fit the first monitor. You can even repeat the image on the two monitors if you want.



Read the download instructions for more information.

Minimum system requirements

OS: Windows® 10
Windows® 8
Windows® 7
Windows® Vista
Processor: Intel® Pentium® II/equivalent
RAM Memory: 512 MB
Hard drive: 20 MB