Gaia Desktop Manager 1.00 beta 4 released

Gaia Desktop Manager 1.00 beta 4 released

Gaia Desktop Manager 1.00 beta 4 released

A new version of Gaia Desktop Manager™  has been released. This version brings the following improvements.

  • The wallpaper information has been removed when the wallpaper update style is “collage”.
  • A context menu was added to the wallpaper list.
  • “Set as wallpaper” was added to the context menu of the wallpaper list.
  • An information dialog was added to explain why the wallpaper is not updated when clicking the tray menu “Next wallpaper” or “Previous wallpaper” if the main interface is in edit mode for the wallpapers.
  • The random selection has been improved for the wallpapers and screensavers.
  • In the screensaver manager, the “Ascending” and “Descending” order have been fixed.
  • A background bar has been added to the file name information on the desktop wallpaper for readability.
  • The timer has been fixed for the wallpaper update “Change my desktop wallpaper every day at”.

To download it or to get more information, visit:


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