Gaia Desktop Manager v1.00 beta 1 is now available

Gaia Desktop Manager is a free desktop management software with a wallpaper manager and screensaver manager. The wallpaper manager offers intelligent desktop management, cool wallpaper effects and theme lists. The screensaver manager allows to run and manage many screensavers.

This new software replaces our old wallpaper manager Gaia Wallpaper Desktop and screensaver manager Free Screensaver Manager. Most of the features from both applications are now integrated in one single application. This new application also has new features.

Even though the application is in beta version, it is enough stable and complete to replace our old applications. Note that other features might be integrated during the beta period. Like always, we appreciate your comments and suggestions.

For more information, visit the page of Gaia Desktop Manager.

Huge discount extended for Gaia PC Jigsaw Puzzle 2

Last weekend, we announced a 75% discount for Gaia PC Jigsaw Puzzle 2. Unfortunately, we got a technical problem with the coupon code. The sale has ended sooner than expected. To compensate for this problem, we have decided to extend the sale until Sunday April 8th 2012. Download Gaia PC Jigsaw Puzzle 2 and use the new coupon code below when ready to order.

Coupon Code: GAIA-U5WV-APRL

New jigsaw puzzles

Last month, we updated our products’ section to add new kinds of products. Puzzle lovers will be glad to hear that we added a new jigsaw puzzle‘s section with fantastic jigsaw puzzles. We selected popular puzzles from under 100 pieces up to above 5,000 pieces. If you are courageous, you can even solve the puzzle with 24,000 pieces! That’s quite large, but most of our jigsaw puzzles will fit your needs in terms of number of pieces and subjects.

Visit the jigsaw puzzle‘s section for more information.