Computer and gaming hardware

This section lists what you need for the best gaming experience. You will find the best 3D hardware.

Gaming 3D glasses

Gaming 3D glasses used for playing games or other 3D applications. These 3d glasses function with a 3D monitor on a computer or a console running a game made for 3D. They have the advantage of creating a field of depth. The field of depth is what allows us to perceive the distance of objects. 3D games without glasses on an ordinary monitor display a realistic perspective, but without a feeling of reality. The 3D glasses used with a 3D monitor create the exact same feeling as seeing the real world with our two eyes.

Gaming 3D laptops and notebooks

The gaming 3D laptops and notebooks listed here are computers with a capability of rendering stereoscopic images on the monitor. They are more than computers with 3D graphic cards. With their true 3D displays, they are perfect for playing 3D games or other 3D applications.

3D monitors - 120Hz 3D displays

3D monitors ready for using 3D glasses for gaming. The monitors are able of a refresh rate of 120Hz.