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Company Information:
Gaia Dream Creation Inc.

Game Title:
Memories of the Elements


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Version: 1.01
Release Date: December 28nd, 2008
Platform: Web (Flash 10)
License: Freeware

Supported Languages:
English / French

English Description:

This memory game will challenge you to memorize up to 12 cards inspired by the 4 elements of the earth. As you solve new levels, new amazing sceneries will be revealed to you.


Try to memorize all cards to achieve the maximum score. You begin with 3 cards and you can go up to 12 cards. At each round, you have some extra attempts to forgive your mistakes. Tip: As soon as you have memorized all cards, click the "Start Now!" button. The more memorizing time remaining, the more points you earn.

Keywords: memory game,memories,elements,cards

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