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Company Information:
Gaia Dream Creation Inc.

Game Title:
Shooting Stars Mind


Puzzle / Memory

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Version: 1.01
Release date: December 22, 2013
Initial release date: August 2, 2013
Platform: Web (Flash 11)
License: Freeware

Supported Languages:
English / French

English Description:

Shooting Stars Mind is a memory game where you have to memorize the shooting stars across the sky and then reproduce the scene. The stars may fall at the left, center or right. In expert mode, the stars may fall in different directions, including the position. You must reproduce perfectly the sequence to make it to the next level. At each level, a new star is added in addition to the previous scene. The game includes a variety of night skies randomly generated.

This game is made for gamers who like to challenge their memory. The game will also help anyone developing their memory.

Keywords: memory,memorize,memorise,remember,mind,challenge,brain,intelligence,game,free,sky,shooting stars

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