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The retro gaming arcades are usually vintage games. They usually have been used a lot and many of them have been restored. You can buy the original arcade cabinets from second hand.

However, due to the popularity of arcade games, a few companies are making today a new type of arcade machine to preserve these games. The multi-game arcade machines allow you to play many vintage arcade games on the same machine.

Vintage arcade machines

These are the original vintage arcade machines from the 80s/90s. Many of them have been restored and preserved. You can still buy these machines for your home.

Buy vintage arcade machines

Multi-game arcade machines

The multi-game arcade machines are machines that can play thousands of games on the same machine. They are modern adaptations of the old cabinets but with many games. You will love to play on these machines. Since they have many games on the same machine, you can have only one machine at your home and play thousands of games. They also guarantee that you will be able to find your favorite games.

Buy multi-game arcade machines

Buy arcade machines