Buy multi-game arcade machines

This section is dedicated to the mutli-game arcade machines. These machines are recent arcade machines in production to preserve and play the vintage arcade games mainly of the 80s and 90s. With all the games that these machines can contain, game addicts will never get bored again.

Why buy a multi-game arcade machine

First, the old arcade game machines are not in production anymore and are usually hard to find. The multi-game arcade machines are in production and can be found easily, right here!

Second, a multi-game arcade machine can contain thousands of games. That solves the problem of having the space to store all those arcade machines. It is possible for a gamer to have the equivalent of many machines at home with their favorite games on one awesome machine.

Third, it also helps to preserve these games and continue to inspire people with retro gaming. Many of these arcade games have shaped the gaming industry of today. It is also a good way to relive the good old days with your friends.

Arcade Legends 3 Upright Arcade Game Machine

Namco Pacman Arcade Party Cabaret Arcade Game Machine

Supercade Upright Arcade Game Machine

Gaia Dream Creation has partnered with the merchants above to offer you these products. When you buy through our shop, we receive a part of the profits. That money is used to develop our indie games and retro games. It is a way to support our game development by continuing to develop the interest for retro gaming.