Buy Sega Master System gaming consoles (SMS)

This section lists the options available to buy a vintage Sega Master Sytem (SMS) gaming console made by Sega or a clone retro console being able to play the Sega Master Sytem games. To know more about the pros/cons of these two different systems, visit the parent section of retro gaming consoles.

Buy Sega Master System (SMS)

Vintage Sega Master System

These video game consoles are the authentic system made by Sega. The vast majority are used systems. There is still a limited quantity of systems for sales in new condition. Because they are rare with a demand relatively strong, their prices can be high. Since the Sega Master Sytem was a popular system, the number of used consoles on the market is high and the availability is also high. If you played these games on this system and you are nostalgic, this could be a great solution to remind you of the good old times.

Sega Master System (SMS)

Vintage Sega Master System
  • Many offers in used condition.
  • A few offers in new condition.

Clone retro gaming consoles for Sega Master System

These video game consoles are systems made to play the old Sega Master Sytem cartridges. They are manufactured by other companies than Sega. Some of them can also play games from other consoles. Because the original consoles are not distributed anymore as they used to be, these new consoles solve the problem of playing your original Sega Master Sytem games. Very often, they are sold at a better price than the original systems.

Hyperkin RetroN 5 Gaming Console

The Retron 5 is probably the most compatible gaming console on the market right now. It can play so many platforms and also offers many enhancements to the gaming experience.
  • Compatible with Famicom games.
  • Compatible with NES games.
  • Compatible with SNES games.
  • Compatible with Super Famicom games.
  • Compatible with Sega Master System games (with the use of the Power Base Converter).
  • Compatible with Sega Genesis games.
  • Compatible with Mega Drive games.
  • Compatible with Gameboy games.
  • Compatible with Gameboy Color games.
  • Compatible with Gameboy Advance games.
  • HDMI Output.
  • Save or load your games at any point during gameplay.
  • Pre-built cheats for most games.
  • Bluetooth wireless controller.
  • 2 original controller ports for each platform (total of 6).
  • Compatibility with PAL and NTSC cartridges.
  • Screenshot capture

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