Free Screensaver Manager

This free screensaver manager and changer is integrated with our free desktop manager software Gaia Desktop Manager™. It also integrates a free wallpaper manager and changer. This manager allows you to manage all your screensavers in one place.

Features and benefits:
  • Use theme lists with the screensaver manager.
  • Screensavers with flexible options.
  • Disable the screensaver easily.
  • Free!


For Windows® Vista/7/8/10

Version: 1.00 beta 8

Use theme lists with the screensaver manager

With the theme lists, you can build screensaver lists by category and switch your current list whenever you want. These lists allow you to manage your screensavers more easily. If you have many screensavers installed that can be grouped into similar subjects, the theme lists are a good way to show only the screensavers from a specific category. You can switch from one list to another whenever you want without losing the information in the previous list.

Screensaver manager theme lists

Screensavers with flexible options

This manager lets you choose how the screensaver will be started. You can choose Gaia Desktop Manager and use your theme lists or manually choose a screensaver.

Screensaver manager with flexible options

Disable the screensaver easily

You can disable your screensaver easily and prevent it from starting in two clicks! Sometimes, when you watch a movie, read a long web page, play a game, you do not want the screensaver to start in the middle of what you are doing. Some screensavers consume a lot of resources and it might be better to prevent them from starting when you already have another application consuming your computer's CPU or memory. Instead of changing the screensaver completely, you can simply disable it and enable it once you are done.

Disable the screensaver easily


Read the download instructions for more information.

Minimum system requirements

OS: Windows® 10
Windows® 8
Windows® 7
Windows® Vista
Processor: Intel® Pentium® II/equivalent
RAM Memory: 512 MB
Hard drive: 20 MB