Gaia Dream Creation and Games for Social Innovation™

Who is Gaia Dream Creation?

Gaia Dream Creation is an independent game development company founded in 2001 by the indie game developer Sébastien Larocque. It is run and maintained by Sébastien Larocque with the help of a few collaborators. It is based in the Montreal area in Québec, Canada.

Since its creation, the company has developed and published many products in the area of indie games, desktop wallpapers, desktop applications and other online products. Since 2016, the main mission has been redirected directly to games for social innovation™.

Gaia Dream Creation is also inspired by retro games because of Sébastien Larocque's great passion for retro games.

What is the meaning of Gaia Dream Creation?

Gaia: The goddess of the earth, which is the inspiration.

Dream: It is the mission and the purpose.

Creation: The movement of the process.

What is the mission?

The main mission of Gaia Dream Creation is to develop and publish indie games related to social innovation. The first part of the mission is to raise awareness on social issues with indie games. In the long term, it will make connections with Sébastien Larocque's social innovation project. Games are used to change the world with education, changing mindsets and bringing experimental solutions with simulations.

Games are a wonderful means of communication. The video game industry can be more than just an entertainment industry. People have played games for centuries to develop different skills. It is a natural process that in this era of social innovation, we use video games to change the world.