Indie games

Play our indie games here! These games will challenge your mind and your memory. We created them to increase the intellectual capacities while having fun. Games have always been a good way to work out our brain.

Gaia Green Racing™

Gaia Green Racing is a modern adaptation of the 8-bit/16-bit retro racing games of the 80s like the famous SEGA® Outrun™. Instead of driving a polluting racing car, you drive a high class exotic electric car. Like the original Outrun game, you drive through the scenery with the choice of next levels.

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Gaia PC Jigsaw Puzzle™ 2

This PC jigsaw puzzle game allows you to play jigsaw puzzles on your computer by selecting your favorite images and the number of pieces.

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Shooting Stars Mind™

Shooting Stars Mind is a memory game where you have to memorize the shooting stars across the sky and then reproduce the scene.

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Memories of the Elements™

This memory game will challenge you to memorize up to 12 cards inspired by the 4 elements of the earth. As you solve new levels, a new amazing scenery will be revealed to you.

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