Purchase Policy

Software sold by Gaia Dream Creation Inc. is subject to this section. Before purchasing our software, please read our Purchase Policy.


The software may require a one-time Internet connection for the installation. Gaia Dream Creation will do everything possible and reasonable to maintain the availability of the servers to allow installation at any time.

Refund Policy

Our software is non-refundable due to copyright laws, nature of products and distribution. Software that has been sold and distributed electronically with an activation key cannot be returned as their original and unmodified package. Therefore this software cannot be refunded.

In rare instances and only within 30 days of purchase, we may, at our discretion, issue a refund. In this case, a refund will be issued only if the customer encounters a critical problem (e.g. bugs that crash the computer), which we cannot resolve within a reasonable time and that was not detectable in the evaluation version of the product. In such instances, we require that the customer provide us enough information to identify the purchase transaction. Also, the customer must demonstrate the problem with the product.

If a software is refunded, no further updates will be allowed for the product, license key or account for which the customer was refunded. Upon a refund, the customer must destroy all copies of the software and license key. If a software is refunded and the customer continues to use the software or license key, we will consider this use of the software as an act of software piracy and we will apply the copyright laws. Legal actions will be taken as described in our Terms and Conditions in case a person fails to respect the laws.


To ensure that our software work properly with the customer's computer and operating system, we offer trial versions of our software. This also ensures that our software meet the customer's requirements and his/her complete satisfaction. The trial versions should allow the customer to test our products before purchasing. Customers should use our trial versions first to make sure that our software work properly with their computer before purchasing a license. All of our software are usable during the trial period, although there are minor functionality limitations.


The license key and the software distributed to the customer at the moment of the purchase imply certain responsibilities from the customer. Distributing the license key and/or the software constitute an act of software piracy as described in the 'Refund' section above. Gaia Dream Creation Inc. cannot be held responsible for loss or stealing of license keys and software from the customer's actions. All stolen licenses must be reported to Gaia Dream Creation Inc. The license key is considered an information as confidential as a password, credit card number or any other similar information. Distributing the key in any way may cancel the customer's privileges for upgrades, support or any other special offers.

The customer must provide his/her email address at the moment of the purchase. The email address must be valid and should be permanent. The customer's email will be used to send the license key and the downloadable product. If the customer requests technical support for a purchased product, his/her original email may be required to send updates or information relative to the support. This measure is taken to increase the security when exchanging information between Gaia Dream Creation Inc. and the customer.