Super Green Rally™

Super Green Rally is a modern adaptation of the 8-bit/16-bit retro racing games of the 80s and 90s. The player drives an exotic and extremely powerful electric car through different levels under the theme of the renewable energies and social issues. The goal is to win the battle between the electric car and fossil energies.

Super Green Rally - Preview 1
Super Green Rally - Preview 2

The game concept

The society has come to a point where the pollution is everywhere. The air has become hardly breathable. Despite many initiatives to bring the electric car and renewable energies to this world, the fossil fuel industry is still leading the way, but this might change soon.

Clean the world

Your mission

You are an entrepreneur who made a fortune in the technologies. During several years, you invested all your money to create an electric car company to change the world. You succeeded in creating your first electric car. It is an exceptional and extremely powerful car and a dream machine to race. Because of the price it is not the car that will be democratized to the large public.

You have a limited time to clean the world in the same way that we have right now. You will need to race fast enough to meet the deadlines.

Your mission is to clean the world from the polluting cars and other sources of pollution. To accomplish that, you will race to build an electric car company. You will influence the world to change towards the electric car and the renewable energies.

Along the way, you are going to face the fossil fuel industry that will try to destroy your company.

Seven brothers

A race around the world with an angel

You built your first electric car, but that is not enough to compete. Fortunately, there is an angel investor who believes in your project and he is interested to invest in your company. However, that money is not free. To get all the necessary investments, you will need to prove him that your mission is worth his money.

You are going to do that rally around the world to unlock social and technological innovations. Each destination will unlock a different innovation. Furthermore, being a clever entrepreneur, you will race through different parts of the world where the planet has been exploited badly. That way, you will demonstrate your angel investor how badly we treated the planet to convince him to invest in your project. Along your rally, you will see the state of the world and learn about the consequences of the past decisions.

Race around the world

The game design

Retro gameplay

Super Green Rally is played the same as the racing games you played on consoles in the 80s and 90s. The controls feel retro and arcade. If you remember of joy of these games, you will be familiar with the controls and style.

Unique retro graphic style

The graphic style is stylish and will make you think and feel about those retro racing games of the 80s and 90s.

A racing game around social innovation

Super Green Rally is not an ordinary racing game. It integrates a game mechanic around social issues to raise awareness on these issues.


Because the game is still in development, these are screenshots of a work in progress. New screenshots will be added later as the game progresses.

Super Green Rally - Screenshot 1
Super Green Rally - Screenshot 2
Super Green Rally - Screenshot 3
Super Green Rally - Screenshot 4

Super Green Rally - Drifting in the desert
Drifting in the desert and luckily avoiding a palm tree.

Amazing and powerful electric vehicle

Super Green Rally features an awesome and extremely powerful electric car. The kind of electric car most people would dream of driving. This car is classified in the category of exotic cars. Since the race you are going to get in is around the world, your car has been adapted to race in a lot of conditions. So far, it is the most powerful car on the market.

Amazing and powerful electric vehicle


Engine and performances

Top speed: 440 KM/H
Acceleration, 0 - 100 KM/H: Short enough to glue you to your seat.
Braking distance: Short enough to fit solid in the dashboard if your belt is not fastened.
Gears: 3
Battery capacity: Enough to travel around the world.
Powertrain: All-Wheel Drive (AWD).

Other components

Security: 10 airbags: front and lateral. You are going to need them.
Tires: 18-inch sticky tires.

Physical characteristics

Doors: 2
Seats: 2, but 1 would have been enough. Who will want to race with you at that speed!
Weight: Feels like air when on the road.

Impact and awards

Pollution: Planet lover
Reliability: Extremely reliable. Never had any problem.
Award: Best electric racing car of the year.


  • Very responsive handling.
  • Fun to drive.
  • Awesomely powerful.
  • Style and design.


  • Storage space limited. The battery occupies a lot of space.

The game is in development

We are still developing the game. You can add Super Green Rally to your wish list on Steam.

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