New Products !

Welcome to our brand new merchandise page. We have developed a new line of products with unique and creative designs.

We are just at the beginning of this adventure. We are developing of line of merchandise of different product types around the video gaming and geek world. We are going to add a lot more products regularly. Please, come back often to discover new products or sign up to our newsletter below.

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Here are samples of our first products.

Do You Synthwave (with palm trees)

Do You Synthwave

Synthwave Sun (with palm trees)

Synthwave Sun

Palm Trees Sunset

Palm Trees Sunset

I Love Synthwave

Synthwave Sun (with palm trees and triangles)

Synthwave Sunset (with palm trees)

Synthwave Sunset

You can find our products on Redbubble. We will have more buying options later.

Visit Gaia Dream Creation's Store on Redbubble