Gaia PC Jigsaw Puzzle 2.10 released

The version 2.10 of Gaia PC Jigsaw Puzzle 2™ has been released. This version brings the following corrections and improvements.

  • Added a functionality to select a puzzle piece with one click. The player can move a piece by holding the left mouse button or simply clicking and releasing to hold the puzzle piece.
  • Added “shuffled” mode to the starting puzzle layout and another mode to keep the pieces closer to the center.
  • Improved the way to move the camera across the board with the right-click by a more intuitive way. The view now moves in the same way as most of the applications by dragging the background with the cursor.
  • Improved the grip icons of the preview window.
  • Improved the tooltip appearance.
  • Fixed the mouse wheel for the zoom in play mode being active when the cursor was outside the window.
  • Fixed a bug with full-screen mode on a secondary monitor.
  • A few other minor fixes.

To download it or to get more information, visit

People who purchased the full version can get the update through the application’s menu.

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